Reiki Courses & Offerings

Reiki Class Description:


Level I & II

Level III

Level IV & V

Level I :-

This is an intensive session where we will cover:

·          The Level I Attunement.

·          How to feel the energy and energy patterns.

·          Personal Healing Session.

·          History of Reiki.

·          Uses of Reiki.

·          Introduction to the 7 chakras.

·          Reiki hand positions for treating oneself.

·          Reiki hand positions for treating others.

·          Giving a complete Reiki treatment.

·          White light cover for self Protection.

·          Manual.

Level II :-

This level provides tools for sending Reiki long distance and for the use of Reiki on the mental level.


· The Level II Attunement.

· Personal Healing Session.

· Learning the Reiki II symbols (9 in total).
· Learning 4 special symbols (for special issues).
· How to use these symbols.
· Chakra healing and balancing.
· Reiki Charging.

· Learning therapies:

- Distance Reiki.

- Aura swapping.

- Using Reiki box.

- Crystal Reiki.

· Group healing.

· Manual.

· Reiki certificate.

Level III is 400% powerful than LEVEL II because of 2 Golden Symbols.

·          The Level III Attunement.

·          Personal Healing Session.

·          Learning the Reiki III symbols which are the most powerful symbols.

·          Cleansing (Charging) of Your Own House/Room/Space/ Shop/Vehicle/Pet.

·          Methods of meditation for self improvement.

·          Meditations for career, health, wealth and relationships.

·          Chakra meditations.

·          Colour meditations.

·          Aura checking.

·          Manual.

·          Reiki Certificate.

Level IV and Level V are the MASTER and GRANDMASTER (Master/Teacher) LEVELS.


These two Levels are Master Teacher Levels which need significant practice and experience of doing Reiki.

Fees: Rs. 11,000

Fees: Rs. 11,000



Other Reiki treatment charges:




Full Body Treatment (Using Reiki, Crystal therapy, Angel Therapy, Hypnotism and Aroma therapy)

Rs. 4,000







Please remember that as always, Reiki energy will be directed to the highest good of the recipient. It is incapable of less.


For registrations and queries, please call Shreya's Healing Classes, Pune at - +91 8087614516 (Cell), +91 7798886186 (Cell).


What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?
Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki

Reiki Courses & Offerings

Reiki Courses & Offerings
  • Price (₹)11,000.00 each
  • Reiki
  • Course Certificate