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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu Science of art and philosophy of architecture and design. This knowledge was in existence since years and treasured in Indian Shastra, Veda and Purana. Vastu is a world's oldest discipline related to construction and placement which cover scientific and spiritual aspects of the subject.
Vastu Shastra is a very powerful and effective tool to apply in design, development and construction of a house, office, factory, commercial or residential complex or any other building. The application of Vastu Shastra starts right from plot selection, soil testing, constructional plan, placement, layout, interior design, measurement to house warming. 
The Vastu Purusha Mandala is an indispensable part of vastu shastra and constitutes the mathematical and diagrammatic basis for generating design. It is the metaphysical plan of a building that incorporates the course of the heavenly bodies and supernatural forces. Purusha refers to energy, power, soul or cosmic man. Mandala is the generic name for any plan or chart which symbolically represents the cosmos.
In Hindu cosmology the surface of the earth is represented as a square, the most fundamental of all Hindu forms. The earth is represented as four-cornered in reference to the horizon's relationship with sunrise and sunset, the North and South direction. It is called Chaturbhuji (four cornered) and represented in the form of the Prithvi Mandala. The astrological charts or horoscopes also represent in a square plan the positions of the sun, moon, planets and zodiac constellations with reference to a specific person's place and time of birth.
The legend of the Vastu Purusha is related thus. Once a formless being blocked the heaven from the earth and Brahma with many other gods trapped him to the ground. This incident is depicted graphically in the Vastu Purusha Mandala with portions allocated hierarchically to each deity based on their contributions and positions. Brahma occupied the central portion - the Brahmasthana- and other gods were distributed around in a concentric pattern. There are 45 gods in all including 32 outer deities.
  • North- Kubera- Ruled by lord of wealth (Finance)
  • South- Yama- Ruled by lord of death - Yama (Damaging)
  • East- Indra- Ruled by the solar deity- Aditya (Seeing the world)
  • West- Varuna- Ruled by lord of water (Physical)
  • Northeast {Eshanya} - Ruled by Shiva
  • Southeast- Agni- Ruled by the fire deity - Agni (Energy Generating)
  • Northwest- Vayu- ruled by the god of winds (Advertisement)
  • Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya, Niruthi- Ruled by ancestors (History)
  • Center- Brahma- Ruled by the creator of the universe (Desire)
The Vastu Purusha is the presiding deity of any site. Usually he is depicted as lying on it with the head in the northeast and legs in the southwest.
In accordance with the position occupied by the gods, guidelines are given for zoning of site and distribution of rooms in a building. Some of these are:
  • North - treasury
  • Northeast - prayer room
  • East - bathroom
  • Southeast - kitchen
  • South - bedroom
  • Southwest - armoury
  • West - dining room
  • Northwest - cowshed.
In today's modern cities, we frequently have to compromise on these guidelines. Knowingly or unknowingly, this starts affecting our physical and mental health with different magnitudes of impact. Shreya provides Vastu Shastra Consultancy to her clients and helps remedy the consequences of the negative energy these compromises bring in their and their family's lives. She uses certain powerful crystals, Reiki, dowsing, pyramids, etc. to help alleviate the premises of the negative energy without any costly structural changes.

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