What is Dowsing?

Dowsing literally means to find out what is unknown. Dowsing has been known to mankind and practised in various cultures around the world since ancient times. Dowsing can be described as divining for something that is desired. Most people consider dowsing to be a search for water. However, you can divine for anything you want, be it oil, gold, lead, or even ancient ruins. You can find missing people or lost objects. You can determine if something is safe to eat or drink, if you have food allergy problem. Various types of pendulums are using for dowsing.
Every person has a conscious mind (10%) and sub-conscious mind (90%). This 90% of sub-conscious mind is extremely powerful and holds immense knowledge - subtle and divine.
This concept finds its application in various occult related sciences of today like neuro-linguistic programming and past-life regression. The dowsing apparatus has no power of its own but merely amplifies subtle vibrations caused by a phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect: people's subconscious minds may influence their bodies without their consciously deciding to take action. This would make the dowsing pendulums a conduit for the dowser's subconscious knowledge or perception.
Having access to this subconscious mind of yours gives you an added edge which can enhance your life in many, many ways. Your pendulum can be your friend and adviser. It will show you what a wonderful miracle of creation you really are. It will also make you aware that you can achieve anything you set your mind.
Can everyone do dowsing?
The answer is Yes. One of the fascinating things about dowsing is that virtually everyone can do it, provided they are prepared to suspend disbelief. Everyone has a sub-conscious mind which holds immense subtle and divine knowledge.Many people experience a dowsing response right away, and are enthralled with their success.

One of the most remarkable discoveries of pendulum dowsing is that it can give advance warning of an illness as well as diagnose mental and spiritual illnesses.


Dowsing Offerings

    1. Dowsing Course
        (Includes lots of dowsing charts, one free dowsing pendulum and certificate)

        Course contents:-

  • Introduction Of Dowsing
  • Practical use of Pendulum
  • Answer Chart - Yes / No
  • Percentage Chart
  • Colour Radiation & beneficial colour of participant
  • Number Radiation
  • Alphabet Indicator
  • Colour Hunger Chart
  • Hour Radiation
  • Days of Week
  • Date Radiation
  • Month Radiation
  • Year Radiation
  • Disease Radiation
  • Vastushastra (Healthy & happy home)
  • Vastu Directional Problems 
  • Profession Indicator
  • Chakra Chart
  • Lots of other Charts
        Fees :- (₹) 15,000
    2. Dowsing and Angel Card Reading for your questions
        Fees:- (₹) 4,000 per person.
    3. Dowsing Charts Available for sale --> Click Here
        About 50 different charts available in 2 sets for (₹) 7,000 per set.
        The charts can also be sent to your email address as pdf files.

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  • Price (₹)15,000.00
  • Dowsing Course